Check Your Motives

(Read what I am saying slowly and carefully)

When we refuse to support the Church in what they're doing, we slow down the progress that many are struggling to bring to pass.

I know far too many believers who have spent $1000s attending out of state conferences but refuse to support locally, which is where they receive teaching, instruction, prayer, covering, assistance, etc. You rob your local community/Church on a whole by doing this. It is not to say we should never attend someone else's conference beyond state lines; however, when you rarely and barely attend what is being offered and often times it's similar to what you've paid $1000s to get. Check your motives people.

These mega ministries take your hard earned money and send you back to your local church in financial despair. Many last week offered free of charge services and still received minimal support. But if there had been a celebrity preacher on the roster the churches would have been packed out. Check your motives people.

Advancing the Kingdom does not nor should ever have ulterior motives but one focus, and that's advancing the Kingdom of heaven and the Kingdom of God. Check your motives people.


Evangelist Nodella Jordan


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