Reading vs Hearing the Word

As I was meditating this morning on a conversation I had with another minister regarding reading the Word aka bible, he shared how he listens to it online. It puzzled me why someone would only listen to the Word and not read it for themselves.

In reflecting on the early New Testament church as well as the Old Testament, they did not have the bible as it was later and now called. Remembering in the Old Testament, the priest would read from the scrolls and the people would sit and listen attentively. Likewise in the early New Testament. Many of us have read the scripture "James 1:22 - Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." Here we can draw at least two revelations from this passage of scripture, but the first one that comes to mind is the Word of God was still being spoken in the "hearing" of the people and not they each read for themselves. Why? Because the Word of God aka bible had not been formed as the collection of His Word as it is today. Much of what we are reading via the bible aka His Word was fresh/live and not recorded. Yes, they had a written version but it was only privy to the priest whose duty was to read it to the people daily. Once the New Testament came into existent, it became the "preached" or "taught" Word of God but still not allowing the people to read it for themselves. Therefore, keeping them under the "hear" instead of "read" lifestyle. It is not to say that listening/hearing the Word only is the wrong way of obtaining the instructions, however, we should not limit ourselves to one way.

Today, we also have electronic versions that can be read from any electronic device.

It has been told for years the physical Word aka bible will be taken away in the last days. However, it will not be the bible only but any recordings of it. Therefore, we should be prepared by studying the Word and retaining it.

This post is to address those who oppose anyone who uses other methods of receiving the Word whether by hearing only or reading only or a combination of both, let us also remember those who are blind and or deaf. How shall they hear or read the Word aka bible?

Our focus should always be on how to get the Word of God aka bible not into the hands of people but into their hearts is the final outcome.

My personal take away from this conversation is, I at first thought he was being lazy in reading the Word but we must also take into consideration everyone's ability to learn is not the same. For me, I am a visual and audio learner depending on what it is I need to obtain. When it comes to "hearing" the Word I'd rather read it or if I must hear it, I then must read it for myself.

We must be diligent concerning obtaining the Word of God by whatever means necessary should that day come when all forms be removed and there's no preacher or teacher to feed us in addition.

Is the Word in your heart?


Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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