Spiritual Relationship with the Father

As I awakened early this morning, my mind immediately fastened on spiritual relationship with Father God. There are those who don't believe in Father God, others believe he exists but never had a relationship with him, and those who had a relationship at one point but no longer. My heart goes out to each of these identified individuals because all of them are missing out on a key relationship tied to our existence. It reminds me of our relationship or lack thereof with our natural parents. Some never knew them, others had a brief relationship, and then those who had an extensive relationship but no more. Each of us grew up in an environment varying that either fostered a relationship with Father God or it was non-existent. As we all reached adulthood, it was then our decision to seek out a relationship or not. There are many variants to this thought process on the subject of spiritual relationship.

My purpose for this blog is to keep us all reminded of those who are not currently seeking or have a relationship with Father God that we should not judge nor condemn them for not having done so. We all once were in this position but hopefully, willingly, sought to have a relationship with him. Too often we find it so easy to judge or condemn others for not believing as we do concerning anything in life. However, I live by this statement "I don't want anyone to judge or condemn me for how I think"; therefore, I don't do the same to them as a sign of respect for their individuality. We don't have to agree on everything but we should at least have respect for one another.

What is respect? A feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc.; and should be treated in an appropriate way. We all desire to be treated appropriately i.e. not abused, disregarded, overlooked, ignored, rejected, etc. but we all want to be accepted at least by one person in this world.

As we walk under the identity of being a "child of God" let us always be mindful of who we are and the characteristics that should be a reflection of Him.

I ask the following questions:

1. What would Jesus do concerning the LGBTQ?

2. How would Jesus address adulterers, fornicators, thieves, murderers, drug dealers and the like?

3. Who did Jesus really die for?

We ourselves have faced certain persecutions because we've chosen to believe in Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and many are still being persecuted and dying today for believing in him. Our witness/ministering will be null and void if we judge or condemn others for not coming to the Truth of a spiritual relationship with heavenly Father. Jesus instructed us to compel all men but he did not promise all would accept.

Let us allow the love of Jesus in us be our strongest character to draw others to the Father.


Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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