An Acceptable Sacrifice

As I was sitting here still in my thoughts, I couldn't help but to think that we are always asking the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit to help us but we have all the help we need in His Word. The problem is for most of us is, we don't want His Word because it causes us to have to abandon behaviors unbecoming of the children of Almighty God and this includes but not limited to lack of faith, distrust, unforgiveness, bitterness, backbiting, malice, lying, cheating, stealing, hatred and so many others. We have the power to change whatever the situation is by simply applying His Word and living according to it daily and not only when it suits us.

It's time for a real change people of God. The world will not forsake their sinful behavior until we have done so first and set the proper example for them to look to.

Jesus already gave us the blueprint to successfully living this Christian life. There is nothing else to be added or done that hasn't already. We're looking for answers that don't and won't exist to accommodate our sinful lifestyle. It's either the Word or nothing.

Rev. 2:29 continues to stay in mind spirit and if we truly want an answer, all we have to do is have ears to hear what The Spirit of God is saying to the Church. No hearing aid is needed, but a willingness to turn from our wicked ways and live right.

We all have missed The Mark but should not make this a way of living...oops, God I messed up again. No, we have been given a way out through Grace...Jesus shedding His blood as an acceptable sacrifice to the Father.

Be blessed

Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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