Are You "IN"?

As I was meditating yesterday morning in the Word, the one thing that came to me was, trust IN the Lord, not trust the Lord. Holy Spirit explained it like this: Trust IN His Word Trust IN His name Trust IN His decision Trust IN His wisdom Trust IN His knowledge Trust IN His Supremacy Trust IN His power Trust IN His ability

What does IN mean? Expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be ENCLOSED or SURROUNDED by something else.

Therefore, when scripture says, "trust IN the Lord with all your heart..." it is actually saying, enclose or surround yourself with the Lord, not with the trust because He is trust. You're directing your trust to Him and not trust itself. Also, the give away is "with ALL your heart..." you cannot ALL (the whole of one's energy or interest) anything without it being encompassed (surround and have or hold withIN.), enclosed or surrounded. So when we trust IN and with ALL, we have now invoked double. Not only are we trusting IN but we're with ALL our heart. Selah

Be blessed,

Elder-elect Nodella Sacajawea Jordan

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