Covenant or Contractual Agreement

Mark 10:9 - Therefore, what God has joined together, let not (Greek grammatical notation says this, When it is negative and prohibits an action, it usually carries with it the implication of stopping an action that has been taking place.) man separate. Meaning, the joining of two or more people in covenant is ongoing or continuous.

This is a very familiar passage of scripture often quoted by Believers one-dimensionally. We tend to only focus on its application being to marriage but what we don't understand is God formed a covenant with man before the foundation of the world.

A #covenant means - THEOLOGY

an agreement which brings about a relationship of commitment between God and His people. Examining this definition, there is no mention of marriage. In all actuality marriage can only take place once a covenant (agreement to commit) has been established. You don't wait until the day of your wedding to agree to commit to that person.

Reflecting upon #Genesis, God had already established an agreement to be committed to His creation. If we limit covenant to only marriage, then each person in the bible who God made a covenant with, it then should be considered more of a marriage relationship and not just two people entering into a contractual agreement. Although the other definitions for covenant means just that, God did not want just simply a contractual agreement but commitment from us.

As we consider the above verse of scripture, when it says "let not man separate what God has joined together" this goes far beyond the exchange of wedding vows when we understand His purpose for establishing covenant and not just a contractual agreement. Unfortunately, we have more contractual agreement marriages and not covenants. Our relationship with each other in that of covenant is a direct reflection on the permanency of what God intended and the only thing that could make it void, in some cases, is through death.

Looking back at the process in which Adam and Eve was created, even after their sin and expulsion from the garden, scripture never tells us Adam and Eve separated or divorced ("di" no longer one but two again). Why? Because they were formed/created by and with a covenant not a contractual agreement. Everything God does is done with permanency. Meaning, it was never His intent for man to die but to live forever as well as all other creations. It was sin that disrupted the plan; however, the original plan is not invalid because of the sacrifice Jesus made to restore us back to our original state of "permanency" or eternity.

Let us further consider, if God did not want a covenant (commitment) from us, then there would have been no need for Jesus to die as it would have simply been, we live and we die with no expectation of commitment or permanency.

We can further say that when this verse says, "let not man separate what God has joined together", this is applicable to our relationship with Him as well because the covenant was not marriage based.

It is time the Believer moves from a one-dimensional mindset in only thinking our actions affect one thing and not another, but in reality the way we live our life affects our relationship with God. Example: When someone breaks our trust, we then begin to question God and even at times penalize Him although we have evidence that He is trustworthy. Because of this mindset, we call into question any and everyone including #God.

Let us know that true covenant is not sought to be broken because of a disagreement but it is what causes us to be able to be reconciled in any relationship, especially marriage and with God.

"Let not man (you and me) separate (break, divide, sever) what God has joined (intentionally, purposefully) together (make as one)." The #Father, #Son, and #Holy #Spirit are One and if we are truly in covenant with Him, then, we too, are one with each other and not only in marriage.

Be blessed,

Evangelist Nodella S. Jordan

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