Creating Your Intimate Place

As my mind began to become conscious from my sleep, I couldn't help think of how many times we experience intimacy unconsciously but yet so many struggle to have it consciously.

We should not be afraid to be intimate with others. It's not about sex but establishing and enjoying #relationships, #friendships, #family-ships, #work-ships.

The amount of time we spend interacting with others, it is more impossible to not have a time of intimacy than not. More often than not, we establish #connections without even trying.

Sure many of us have experienced some sort of hurt, betrayal or even rejection, but it is in our DNA to have a desire for human connection and #relations.

I encourage each of us to create our own #Intimate #Place. How can one successfully do this? By establishing your own guidelines and boundaries of what is acceptable to promoting a healthy life of #intimacy.

Make The Intimate Place Your Intimate Place


Enjoy your day of intimacy.

Author Nodella S. Jordan

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