Giving in a time of crisis

If no one in the ministry has been infected, then there truthfully is no reason not to have service onsite. However, for those who are more sensitive to this disease, should definitely be extra cautious. Folk know their footprint and who've they been in contact with. Be honest. There are also so many streaming services available, some are free with a timing restriction, but hey, make it work.

Also, if the church members have a solid relationship they will not hold back their tithes and offerings. There are a lot of ways to give if the church is closed. No excuses for not giving except you just don't want to give. Don't be afraid to close the church doors because of finances. Put healthy before wealth.

This is, in my opinion, could also be a testing of people's loyalty and where their heart is. God knows but many of us portray one thing when it's another. Not judging anyone but perhaps it's time for self-evaluation.Be blessed Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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