Holy Spirit...A Relationship Is Essential

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

How strong is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Can you name 1-3 things about Him?

When two people are in a relationship long enough, usually they are able to identify behaviors about the other such as likes and dislikes, their favorite food or color, pet peeves, etc.

As we work to strengthen our #relationship with Holy Spirit, it's important to not treat Him like a 3rd wheel or a by word as so many #Christians do. What do I mean? Often times He's referred to and not spoken of as one with whom we have a relationship with. Example: He is identified as the #Spirit of #God but is often viewed as having a non-functional role in the #Kingdom of God. We say things like "the Spirit moved in this service" but still give credit to God or #Jesus. It's almost as if it's taboo to acknowledge Holy Spirit separately from God and Jesus. Though He is of God He still has His own individual identity and role, which is supported by over 40 #scriptures.

In last night's study, I shared how we must acknowledge Him equally to the Father/God and Jesus. He has been given an assignment to further assist us in our assignments. If we continue to not acknowledge or recognize Him properly, we then limit His role in our life.

#Revelation 2:29 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Many of us struggle hearing from Him because we're not attentive to His voice and don't recognize it as we should. The more time we spend with Holy Spirit like any other relationship, the more we are able to recognize His voice and not confuse it with Satan/devil's as some do.

Part of our relationship with anyone, is #communication. Having Holy Spirit active in our life is a must.

Join me next week for the continuation of this series, #Holy Spirit...A Relationship Is #Essential.

Full video https://www.nsjministries.com/wwlbsb-video-library?wix-vod-video-id=8356743a49ff4c459f1f71840b078762&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-jod38qb4

Be blessed,

Evangelist Nodella S. Jordan

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