Increase in Social Media Accounts being compromised

Please be advised that IG accounts are increasingly being cloned. Many of you are saying hacked but your account is actually being cloned and the difference is, if they hacked your account has any of your personal information that is not accessible to anyone but you been used? Cloning is simply duplicating your profile and resharing it as if it was you.

Changing your password really won't stop this type of behavior but it is best to change all passwords at least every 90 days and make sure YOU DO NOT REPEAT A PASSWORD FROM ANOTHER ACCOUNT OR USE A DIFFERENT VARIATION OF THE PREVIOUS PASSWORD. CREATE AN ENTIRELY NEW PASSWORD. ALSO, THE LONGER THE PASSWORD THE HARDER IT COULD BE FOR A WOULD BE HACKER TO GUESS IT. Since many of you post personal information on your pages like names of people you know including nicknames, I would advise that you not use that either. There are several apps that offer password generating and is available on multiple devices.

Be very selective of what sensitive information you store on your portable devices, especially.

Be and stay safe.

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