Intimate Talk Show 6/4/20 - Standards of a Relationship

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

The discussion focused on Why Are So Many #Christian and non-Christian #Men and #Women Still #Single? Subtopic: #Standards of a #Relationship

The following questions are asked during the show:

1. Is it necessary to have standards in a relationship? Yes, it's critical to have standards establishing any type of relationship. When we don't implement standards, it leaves you open to being mistreated. Standards is like having a fence or threshold of how far the person can go.

2. What are a few of your standards? Identifying your standards will help at the start of any relationship. You should not try to figure them out after you've started, but can still be done. Identify the 3 most important standards after creating a list of all of your standards.

3. Are your standards negotiable? Your main standards should never be negotiable, but the others can be. Only you can determine which standards can and or will be negotiable. Make sure you are comfortable with your decisions and they should not be solely based on pleasing the other person.

4. When is it a good time to tell the other person what your standards are? If you feel the relationship is going in the direction you desire, it's best to talk about your standards to each other at a mutual point. Don't wait until you get #engaged to discuss your standards. Remember, your standards is what governs your relationships. As I shared in the live, if you don't like cheese on your food, make it known as soon as it is appropriate, but definitely before entering a "fully" #committed relationship. However, some standards should be discussed immediately such as if one of you smoke or drink and the other don't, this could make or break your relationship. You each should let the other know to determine if you want to continue with pursuing a relationship.

Don't be afraid to enforce your standards. If that person wants to be in a relationship/#friendship with you, then they will respect and abide by your standards, but also be willing to do the same.

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