Reaching the Kingdom of Heaven

So, last night as I was in my thought before going to sleep I couldn't help but to think that although all we strive to do for the sake of the Kingdom of God and heaven (mankind), who are we really impacting? Our reputations more or men? As I keep reading and hearing about the evil and wickedness running throughout the world and with the thousands, if not millions, of churches established, where is the "greater works" Christ said we would do? The world sees we are not in unity, moved with the same level of compassion Christ and his disciples had, and have far too comfortable with, what many call the success of being the pastor of a church, but yet there is no real growth. Where has our desire and zeal gone for souls? Not only for the sake of possibly getting more members but to increase the Kingdom of heaven (mankind). Has ministry really only amounted to the number of church members/goers? There is truly a crying and wailing in the earth realm for the souls who are in agony and no one is concerned for them. It's time out for waiting until the weather is just right because these people need salvation and deliverance and healing 24/7/365. Our houses will not be at peace until we have met the divine mandate. Any advancement is based on man and not of Almighty God. People are lacking both, spiritually and naturally, and we only give attention when we think we can gain another member/church goer. My heart is so grieved right now and concerned at our lack of urgency to be the answer Father God has ordained us to be. We've prayed all that there is to prayed for the moment. It's time for action. Shalom and be blessed, Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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