Sassy: The Perfect Life

We all are in pursuit of success, achievements and even perhaps, a perfect life. We all have also dealt with adversity, conflict, failure, and doubt in our ability to complete or succeed in striving for better. Many of the challenges we've dealt with in our life's journey, it seemed we were not going to make it through "that", but we did. Not only did we make it through but it fueled us to not give up, even if we took a break. Perseverance is the underlying driving force for success. Giving up was not an option for Sassy not matter what it was going to take. Having always known what she wanted in life, even the best laid out plans is not match for the unexpected, but perseverance will always be the overcomer. Sassy shows great strength and determination in her pursuit of not just happiness but the perfect life for her. Don't allow the daily challenges you may face be the only thing to stop you from reaching your ultimate goal. As you read through this drama-filled inspiring book, keep in mind that it took Sassy a number of years before obtaining her life-long dream. Both, men and women, have enjoyed my book and has become the topic of discussion. Order your copy today and start experiencing life through the eyes of Sassy. Make sure you have a box of tissue as you will be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride.


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