Spiritual Hoarders - Matthew 28:19

As I was praying this morning during my 10 at 10 Live Audio Prayer Broadcast, Holy Spirit shared with me, there are a lot of spiritual hoarders in the body of Christ.

You may ask, why is this and what is a spiritual hoarder? I'm glad you asked.

Hoarder - collector; saver; gatherer; accumulator excessively i.e. you have more than you need or can or will use. Some of the things people hoard are not even useful but they hold onto it anyway. Spiritually, some Believers only study to show off or to make others feel less educated.

This is not to speak against those who study the Word of God and pray consistently, because we are suppose to become students of the Word and have a life of prayer. The "problem" is when someone who possess a good deal of spiritual knowledge, experience, or wisdom they keep it to themselves and then laud it over others to bring attention to themselves and appear to be "greater" than others.

Our purpose for studying and praying, yes, is for our own personal growth but also for others. As we look at the life of Jesus, whenever he would pull away from the people, it was to hear from the Father not only for himself but so that he could teach and lead the people.

We are to be vessels that the Father pours into but we empty out on others. Having been a minister now for over 20 years, there are messages I've written that were for me specifically but even with that I later am able to pour into others, not just in a church setting but while I'm standing in line at the grocery store, gas station, hair salon, anywhere I come into contact with people is an opportunity for me to pour out.

May we all no longer be identified as #spiritually #gluttonous but let us become emptied out #vessels of the Lord.

Be blessed

Evangelist Nodella S. Jordan

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