Stipulations of Your "Decree and Declare"

This popped up within one of my social media pages timeline, "You cannot decree and declare a thing and not live by it, otherwise they're just mere words. Selah!" As we review scripture on the subject, Daniels 6:1-14...King Darius put forth are decree by the counsel of his executive cabinet that he was later challenged on. Often times we will speak things because it sounds good and seems like a great thing to say until we have to live by it. Another example is Elijah the Prophet, 1 Kings 17 spoke about there would be a famine in the land to which he was also subjected to.

Decree - noun: decree; plural noun: decrees

  1. an official order issued by a legal authority. Similar: order, edict, command, commandment, mandate, proclamation, dictum, fiat, promulgation, precept, law, statute, act, bill, ordinance, regulation, rule, injunction, enactment, manifesto, ukase, pronunciamento, firman, decretal, irade, rescript

  • the issuing of a decree. "the king ruled by decree"

  • a judgment or decision of certain law courts. Similar: judgment, verdict, adjudication, ruling, rule, resolution, arbitration, decision, conclusion, findings

verb verb: decree; 3rd person present: decrees; past tense: decreed; past participle: decreed; gerund or present participle: decreeing

  1. order (something) by decree. "the president decreed that the military was to be streamlined" Similar: order, command, rule, dictate, lay down, prescribe

Middle English (denoting an edict issued by an ecclesiastical council to settle a point of doctrine or discipline): from Old French decre, decret, from Latin decretum‘ something decided’, from decernere‘ decide’.

One of the things we as the children of Almighty God must always remember, that whatever we are decreeing and declaring, we are bound by it.

Another point of decreeing and declaring is that, many of us only speak a thing but don't prepare for its manifestation. The King nor the Prophet both was prepared for what they decreed and declared. Meaning, the King overlooked the fact that he was subjected to his own words and Elijah the Prophet, in his obedience to the instructions of God, did not take in account that he too would be affected by what he spoke.

Yes, the word encourages us to speak things into existence but that's not where it ends but actually begins. It's easy to speak anything to come into existence but there's more that goes into its manifestation of which many of us don't do. In the scripture examples above, the King and Prophet was both subject to what they decreed and declared, and affected by it.

Lastly, many of us don't understand the authority and responsibility that comes with decreeing and declaring. I believe some of us do not believe in the power of our words. Keeping in mind the two of many examples I could have given regarding the power that lies within our words i.e. what we speak, it should be a clear indication that we are to be more careful, deliberate and precise with what we speak concerning any situation.

If we are going to decree and declare anything, also know that you will be subjected and affected by it.

Be blessed,

Evangelist Nodella S. Jordan

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