The Author's Corner announces relaunching of Intimate Talk Show

As a gentle reminder, The Author's Corner page was created to provide easy access to all of my #published books. Since the creation of this page, I have started a talk show inspired by my first book, The #Intimate #Place: My #God, My #Man, Myself, Intimate #Talk #Show which airs on Thursday at 7PM (EDT/EST) where my co-host and I discuss various topics in addition to sharing content from both of my books, *Sassy: The Perfect Life.

You can purchase my books from my direct website at and various other distributors like #Amazon, #Barnes & #Noble, *#Walmart, *#eBay, and *#Thrift Books.

I am working on an official #book #launch for #Sassy: The #Perfect #Life series along with The Intimate Place: My God, My Man, Myself in 2021 in various locations.

Book signing and speaking requests can be submitted through my website address listed above as well.

Starting in July, each week there will be a giveaway of my books, other products designed by NSJ Ministries and discounts. Participants must be at least 17 years of age and only one winner per household each month. Winners will be eligible to participate every 60 days.

#theintimateplacemygodmymanmyself #theintimateplace #sassytheperfectlife #theauthorscorner #nsjministries

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