The characteristics and behavior of Believers

In reflecting upon this passage of scripture, it is part of a much larger "picture" in that there are certain characteristics that we should not still possess as children of Almighty God. In this chapter it further tells us to not be partakers of fornication, malice, idolatry, uncleanness and more. This specific verse is in addition to our character. If we are still lying to each other this is an indication that you have taken up the old man behavior or perhaps you never got rid of it.

It's like you have some clothing or shoes you've put away to only wear the new but you never got rid of it, we hide it in the back of the closet, put it in the attic or basement until later. Some time later you remembered having it, take it from the storage place and begin to use it again. However, we should not be operating in this type of behavior when it comes to the characteristics of being like Father God but many of us do it.I pray today that we examine ourselves to ensure we are taking back up with old bad habits/behaviors/characteristics that we are instructed to put away and not into a storage container for later use but rather get rid of it completely.Be blessed Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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