The Intimate Place: My God, My Man, Myself

If you don't have your copy yet, now would be a great time to order it. The Intimate Place: My God, My Man, Myself is an engaging book and is filled with a lot of insight surrounding intimacy and our relationships. In chapter one, I created questions for my readers to answer that will allow them to understand the dynamics of intimacy. In order to truly have a fulfilling life of intimacy in any relationship, we must first be able to identify what it is we want from our interactions of intimacy with others. Because of our lack of understanding or even being intimidated by the word "intimate or intimacy", many of us secretly struggle with it thus causing us to settle for any measure of intimacy. This is a definite must read with your husband/wife, but my book makes a great discussion with family and friends and even coworkers, as I have done. Both men and women have purchased my book. You won't be disappointed.


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