The Power of Forgiveness

One thing that I continue to hear from fellow Believers is how bad others have treated them, but we must remember we treated someone bad at least once in our life and if not for anything else we all were against Christ but yet father God still loved us. The word clearly instructs us that we are to forgive those who have trespassed against us and when we fail to do so then father God can also take that mindset. Let's not walk along the path of hypocrisy and not wanting to forgive and forget what others have done to us when we've done things to others as well. It's not a matter of the severity of offense that we've committed against others versus what they've done against us but an offense is an offense. We cannot truly have love in our heart and refusing to forgive others. This is why many of us struggle in our daily relationships because we're trying to love others while yet still harboring negative feelings in our heart for an offender. Our heart was not created to hold love and harbor hate but it can only truly be one or the other because one is going to be the dominator. Evangelist Nodella Jordan

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