The Word of God is Life, Health, and Strength

We must move from a place of thinking the Word of God is only to chastise us; but in fact it gives us life, it offers protection, gives us provision, we obtain healing, receive deliverance, are made whole and much more. The Word of God is like fruits and vegetables...some are tasty and others not so tasty but packs a lot of nutrition either way. When we fail to eat properly our body becomes deficient of vitamins and minerals. Many of us will read the Word of God but don't apply because it's not tasty all the time. If we are going to be strong in our walk as Believers, we must eat all of the Word and not only what "tastes" good.

As children in the natural, if you didn't eat or receive all of the necessary nutrients it stunted our growth, impacted our learning ability, and caused other health conditions as we got older. The same is for the Word of God, if we don't get the proper nutrition early on as a Believer, though we may be growing, we won't reach our full potential spiritually for this lack of nutrition.

For those who struggle with the chastising of the Word of God, even in that there's a benefit. Don't look at chastising in such a negative way like in the natural i.e. spankings but chastisement's sole purpose is to correct wrong behavior but it doesn't always have to been painful as some would assume. The Word of God gives us instructions and provides direction; and if we listen to it, the chastising won't be painful or as painful. It is only when we resist the chastisement or refuse to change our behavior of error that it causes us discomfort or pain.

Eat your fruits and vegetables, those that are tasty and those not so tasty because they both provide nutritional value.

May we no longer hold the Word of #God in a negative perspective but accept it as it's meant to be...give #life, #health, #protection, #provision, #deliverance and #strength.

Be blessed,

Evangelist Nodella S. Jordan

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