What are we truly celebrating?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

As I think about the various beliefs and traditions, many are preparing for what has been set as the commemorative birth date of Christ. This soon coming day is often celebrated with countless gift giving to family and close friends and one or two strangers along the way. But I ask the question, what are we truly celebrating? Tradition, a religious tale, or something much greater than anything we could ever experience. The birth of Christ is so profound and provides far more than any gift we could ever receive except the gift of eternal life with Him.

In reflecting on the true purpose for the birth of Christ, hope was to be restored because of the wickedness that have become the way of mankind. His birth reconciled us back to the Father. His birth offered us a new way of life, setting us free from the law of sin and death, bondage, poverty and despair.

What are we truly celebrating? Do we limit the celebration of His birth to once a year? Doesn't His birth go far beyond the giving of gifts? People need to know they're loved everyday. Christ showed love everyday and to everyone.

If we are truly going to celebrate the real reason for His birth, let us start with sharing the greatest gift everyday and with everyone.

Know what you are truly celebrating. Don't let your celebration be based on someone else's tradition or beliefs. Develop a personal relationship with the Father for yourself.

Be blessed,

Evangelist Nodella S. Jordan

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