When Father God Blocks You

This is a post of transparency that I want to share and hope it helps those who struggle with the will of the Father.

Since Father God shifted me to Baltimore I have been without a "man" covering and it's not because I choose to but I asked the Father a month after settling down because I knew order or at least according to man's law. He clearly said to me "I am your covering." I accepted His response and have lived my life accordingly. Though I've seen postings over the years from people condemning believers/ministers operating without a covering but I ignored it and remained obedient to the Father's will.

Truth be told, I've tried on several occasions to enter into "watch care" covering but it didn't take. I even attempted to indirectly ask pastors I respect to cover me, but it didn't happen or should I say it was blocked. At the same time, I had been approached by several pastors asking me indirectly to come under their covering but it was blocked.

I hope someone is getting the point of this point. When the Father says no He will block any attempts to go against what He said. Although I attempted to go outside of His divine will He knew my heart and that was wanting to be obedient to what He said in 2015.

Though my situation definitely is not the norm, all of us must be willing to fully submit and surrender to the divine will of the Father no matter what others will say. I've moved passed folks opinions and have chosen to be obedient.

If you are experiencing the same results in that every time you attempt to do something and it's blocked, don't immediately blame it on Satan and his kingdom. Stop and think or better yet, remember what He told you way back when.

I cannot begin to tell you the things I've experienced while in this new place. It would truly blow your mind, and it's all because I chose to be obedient to His instructions rather than man.


You've been blocked because you're out of His will.

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